Falcon Africa

African Safaris

Africa provides several safari options to visitors. Several tour operators offer Africa tours/safaris;  one of the best and most well known safari operators is Falcon Africa. They have been providing safari tours and services for many years now. They have a lot of experience and know the safari business inside out.

The safari includes air travel from Johannesburg to Nairobi. The airfare is included in the package. The visitors can choose to stay in any of the hotels that are available. Meals are included in the package but insurance is not included. Children are not charged any fees, if they are under twelve years of age.


The safari drives are conducted every day on four wheeler vehicles by skilled rangers and guides. The visitors are taken to the national parks and game lodges where they can look game animals such as elephants, giraffes and rhinos. Photography by the visitors is allowed.


Falcon Africa provides several activities such as river rafting, bird watching and paragliding. All these activities must be booked in advance.


Most guests are very satisfied with their experience and would recommend it to their friends. Some of them even return to experience it again.