Masai Mara and the Seychelles

Kenya Wildlife Safari and luxury beach stay in the Seychelles

Masai Mara and the Seychelles – An overnight in Nairobi allows you to refresh from your long haul flight ready to start early on Day 2 to maximise your time in the Masai Mara. Spend 3 nights at an upmarket, authentic bush camp only a short drive away from where the Talek and Mara rivers converge. Finish off with 4 nights luxury accommodation on beautiful beaches in sunny Seychelles


8 Nights/9 Days


Masai Mara, Kenya & the Seychelles


Honeymoon, Family, Safaris



Blessed with outstanding concentration of animals the year round, and panoramic vistas across plains and dotted woodlands, the Masai Mara provides a wildlife experience unsurpassed. A living tapestry of grassy savannahs, spreading thorn trees, rounded hills and tall gallery forests, this feast of wildlife draws photographers and visitors from across the globe. In addition to the wildebeest and hordes of zebra which join them in their annual pilgrimage to the ever changing pastures, the Masai Mara supports lion, cheetah, elephant, kongoni, topi, Thomson's gazelle and Defassa waterbuck, as well as eight species of primate.

The Seychelles archapelago is made up of about 115 heavenly islands and home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a dream destination for sun-loving visitors, divers, sailing enthusiasts, families and honeymooners. Exotic, charming and exquisitely beautiful.

Overnight in Nairobi, Kenya

beautiful scenery and abundance of plains game is a spectacular way to start any East African safari.

The Emakoko is uniquely positioned on the side of a valley overlooking the Nairobi National Park with the Mbagathi River running directly below. Accessible a mere 45 minutes from either airport, the drive through the park itself, with its’ beautiful scenery and abundance of plains game is a spectacular way to start any East African safari. The National Park, despite its extraordinary proximity to the capital city of Kenya, boasts a spectacular assortment of birds and wildlife, with over 400 species of bird recorded in one day.

With only 10 rooms The Emakoko offers an exclusive and personal environment for our guests to enjoy. With five rooms art the main level and five built into the cliff face higher up. Each room has its own private veranda. The Emakoko allows people to start and finish their safari in the wildlife environment they have traveled so far to enjoy. Within 15 minutes of clearing customs they can be viewing game in Nairobi National park. The only “transfer” delays likely to be encountered en route to or from The Emakoko are the natural pauses to watch a pride of lions or waiting for a Rhino or journey of Giraffe to cross the road. An open, airy and informal environment has been created to allow our guests to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

Three nights Bush Experience in the Masai Mara, Kenya

minutes away from regular wildebeest river-crossing points and the wildebeest have been known to cross right in front of the camp

Entim Camp is an exclusive, unrivalled tented camp accommodating just 10 guests in utmost comfort. The Camp is located within the Masai Mara, isolated from the many camps located outside the reserve. It is minutes away from regular wildebeest river-crossing points and the wildebeest have been known to cross right in front of the camp. Each of the luxury en-suite tents has been individually decorated to provide the ideal blend of colour, texture and ambience. The dining area provides the romantic background for delightful gourmet food; alternatively dine privately on your own verandah, whilst enjoying the personal service of the local staff, all with in-depth knowledge of the Maasai Mara and its environs. The camp’s purpose is to let nothing stand in your way in re-kindling your bonds with nature, leaving you with an imprint on your heart and a memory of a lifetime.

Four nights Beach Experience in the Seychelles

an indulgent retreat that captures the spirit of the Seychelles

Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Baie Lazare, is an indulgent retreat that captures the spirit of the Seychelles. Discover a world of exceptional experiences, from tranquil beachside luxury to soothing nature-based leisure activities and enjoy a holiday that complements your every desire. Perfect living in the midst of paradise. Elegantly appointed Hill View, Beachside and Sea View rooms accentuate your feeling of tranquility and bliss. All rooms and suites at the Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Baie Lazare offer absolute privacy in unmatched settings and are equipped with modern amenities including in-room TV, mini-fridge, safe, tea and coffee facilities and free internet. Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Baie Lazare also offers a feast for every one of your senses. Gourmands can indulge in a mélange of authentic and tantalizing flavours at any of our four unique venues; including a signature restaurant inspired by the cuisine of the Indian Ocean rim, a casual poolside bar, an all-day dining restaurant and a beachside bar. Set against a majestic hillside backdrop, The Kempinski Spa by Resense, is truly a haven for indulgence. Indulge in rejuvenating treatments that combine natural therapies and modern techniques in one of six private treatment rooms, while romantic honeymooners and couples can reserve our twin treatment suite for special sessions.

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