Falcon Africa

Enjoy the wonders of the Serengeti

africa safaris
Africa is the best place to go on a safari. There are several places to visit and several things to do. Falcon Africa is one of the most well known safari operators here. They are known for their large range of safari options. They have been the premier safari operators in Africa for
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Victoria Falls Accommodations

explore vic falls
The Victoria Falls are one of the most famous tourist destinations in Africa. They are one of the largest waterfalls in the world. They receive thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. Many visitors choose to stay in one of the several hotels that are available here.
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African Safaris

explore Africa
Africa provides several safari options to visitors. Several tour operators offer Africa tours/safaris;  one of the best and most well known safari operators is Falcon Africa. They have been providing safari tours and services for many years now. They have a lot of experience and know
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Safari through Africa

Safari to South Africa
  The main beauty that Africa has to offer is its diverse natural splendour. Whether they may be natural wonders such as forests, cliffs, waterfalls, ravines, canyons, rivers, and mountains or the wildlife. Africa serves as one of the best vacation and tourist spots in the entire
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Luxury African Tours This Holiday

Luxury African Tours
Spotting wildlife in the African wilderness is a five star experience. Being close to nature is no more dusty trails and uncomfortable beds. Luxurious safari camps are spread over Africa from Zambia all the way to Kenya, so why not plan your holiday stay today? During peak times these
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Tours to Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe Zambia Vic Falls
Falcon Africa provides many types of tours to Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls are one of the most well known waterfalls in Africa. It is famous for its wide expanse and beautiful view. The Falls have a wide variety of wildlife which live near the falls or migrate to it during seaso
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Africa Safaris with Falcon Africa

Explore Africa
Falcon Africa is a South Africa Tour Operator company that provides safari and tourism services to guests from all over the world. This service is provided for tours in South Africa and also the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe. There are several Africa Safari
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Safaris in Botswana

Africa Safaris
Safaris in Botswana   Botswana is regarded as one of the most underrated African Wildlife destinations due to its small size and general lack of awareness among most tourists. For those who are planning a trip to Africa, it is a wise decision to head to Botswana as you will have the e
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Bird Watching Tour

Bird Watching With Falcon Africa
Bird Watching Tour   If you are a fan of exotic birds, then Africa is the ideal place for you. Those who have a fascination for avifauna must make sure that Africa figures on their holiday list. The Southern and Eastern parts of Africa have the largest number of bird species on the pl
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Safaris to Kenya

Kenya Safaris
Safaris to Kenya Kenya is known as one of the most adventurous locations of East Africa because of its open plains, highland lakes, riverside forests, and mountains. With its spectacular scenic views and an extraordinary wildlife density, it lets you have an exciting experience of its
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