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How to Select the Best Seychelles Packages

Want a dream holiday amidst a dreamy archipelago, with sun and surf kissing away your worries and a true blue sea holding out for you? If that is the case then Seychelles packages are the answer to your wish. Seychelles has one of the most beautiful coral reef beaches in the world with a stunning diversity of flora and fauna. The Seychelles packages are especially tailor made to let the tourists enjoy a perfect holiday experience balanced between spending quality leisure time and fun outdoor activities.


Seychelles is often hailed as the most enriched natural museum of exotic species of wildlife and flora. There are national reserves and parks which you can explore for getting the full flavour of the place. The scenic beauty is not easy to describe in few words but have to seen to be believed. The endemic species like the jellyfish tree, the Coco-de-mer or the flycatcher can be seen no where else.


Make sure the Seychelles package that you have opted for includes a trip to Aldabra which is awarded the title of being a world heritage site because of being the largest raised coral atoll in the world. The Vallée de Mai, of Praslin is also a major attraction, and believed to be the Garden of Eden.